Dyna Does Dressage a Documentary/GoFundMe

“Dyna Does Dressage” is a documentary about the first mule ever to compete at the national level in the competitive equestrian sport of Dressage. Defined by the International Equestrian Federation as “the highest expression of horse training,” the idea of mules competing at this level has never been considered.  This underdog story follows Dyna and her owner/rider, Laura, as they defy the odds to find their place among this elite world of horse riding.

A mule, often mistaken as a donkey, is defined as the offspring of a “jack” (male donkey) and a mare (female horse), which are different species altogether with different numbers of chromosomes. Historically, mules have most commonly been known as “working animals” rather than “riding animals”, and thought not to have the grace and elegance needed for Dressage.

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