Merrimac Mule Days

Here is a brief video documenting that the mule community is just that, a community. With Bishop Mule days coming up it is sometimes easy to forget that shows are more about the people and getting to know one another. Don't get me wrong the mules and donkeys run the show but it is the community who make it happen and always memorable. Most people remember the runaway team of mules with a wagon but tend to forget the people who stopped their destructive path and most likely tried to calm them down. This is a part of community making new friends in the least expected ways.

A high school student named Allie Evans from Kentucky recently shot, edited and shared this video with us which I must say is a damn good job of showing what the mule community is all about. This was shot in a small community in Merrimac, KY which goes to show mule people are alike even on the other coast of the USA. Just getting together, hangin' out and having a good ol' time. A small quote from Allie about her video"I have known Milford Lowe all of my life and he has such a passion for his mules I thought other mule enthusiasts would enjoy the video." 

Being up there in his years it goes to show you Milford Lowe still inspires and promotes the mule even to the younger generation. 

Thanks again Allie!

You can follow Allie with her video adventures on YouTube

Uploaded by Allie Evans on 2014-10-02.