Mule & Donkey Behavior & Tack Management

Donkey Behavior: A comparative study of donkey and horse behavior

By Dr. Amy McLean & Dr. Camie Heleski

Donkey and Mule Scenarios: When to Stop, Think, Read, or Call

By Tex S. Taylor, DVM, and Nora S. Matthews, DVM

Long Ear Behavior

By Dr. Amy K. McLean

Tips for Transporting Your New Mule or Donkey

By Dr. Amy K. McLean

Harnessing & Hitching Donkeys, Mules & Horses for Work 

By R. Anne PearsonTimothy E. Simalenga and Rosina C. Krecek

Donkeys For Predation Control

         By Jeffrey S. Green

North Dakota's Cost-Share Program For Guard Animals

         By David L. Bergman, Louis E. Huffman, John D. Paulson

Use Of Donkeys To Guard Sheep And Goats In Texas

        By Murray T. Walton and C. Andy Feild

Owner Practices, Harnessing and Equine Welfare

         By Syed Naeem Abbas, Syed Zahir Ali Shah, Dr. Muhammad Javaid Khan, Ahmad Umer Chaudhry

Social relations in a mixed group of mules, ponies and donkeys

         By Leanne Proops, Faith Burden, Britta Osthaus

Pair-bonding and companion recognition in domestic donkeys

         By Leigh M.A. Murraya, Katharine Byrne, Richard B. D’Eath

Spatial cognition and perseveration by horses, donkeys and mules

         By Britta Osthaus, Leanne Proops, Ian Hocking, Faith Burden

Mule cognition: a case of hybrid vigour?

         By Leanne Proops, Faith Burden, Britta Osthaus

Mule Behavior:Differences with horses and donkeys

         By Amy K. McLean,PhD

Mammoth asses—selected behavioural considerations for the veterinarian

          By Tex S. Taylor, Nora S. Matthews

Indicators and Relationships to Study Socioeconomic Contribution of Working Equids

            By Vasquez Rios, Jaime E. and Hernandez Gil Mariano

MULE CROSSING: Fine-Tuning the Aids

            By Meredith Hodges

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