The Oakland A's are looking for a mule mascot

The Oakland A's are putting together a throwback game on June 27 and asked us to pass this info along to the mule people of the AMA. If you are interested you can contact Jake Anderson of the A's and he also shared a little more info with us about this special occasion.

My name is Jake Anderson and I work in the Marketing/Events department with the Oakland A’s. I was reaching out to see if you happened to have any connections to a mule that we could possibly have out to our Turn Back the Clock Night on June 27th .
In case you were not aware, the mascot used by the Kansas City Athletics and Oakland Athletics from 1963 to 1976 was a mule. The mule was named Charlie O. after the team’s owner at the time, Charlie O. Finley. On June 27th, we are doing the 1965 Turn Back the Clock Night and wanted to have a mule out for pregame walk around the warning track and possibly set up for a photo op in a safe area. The mule must be insured.
Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.Jake Anderson 
Special Events Assistant
(510) 563-2375