In Memory of Jim Fowlston

Jim Fowlston
- June 6, 2016

Sunday night at Bishop we had the Chuck Wagon races and everyone was enjoying the show and winding down from participating all week.
Jim Fowlston was out there with his new team that he had trained and he was so proud of them and well he should, they had done great all week. 
They were coming around the track and the wagon flipped over on its side and Jim and Scott were thrown from the wagon.  Scott was fine just a little sore, but Jim had to be taken away with fractures of his hip and pelvis.  He did give us the thumbs up and was put in the waiting ambulance.  He was later flown to Reno and was in the hospital where he later passed away.  
Jim had just over come some life challenges and was happy with his new team and very proud of himself.  
I really had not spent much time with Jim and Jeannie lately and I ended up helping Jim with a class and we sat out on the back track waiting for the class and we just sat and talked.  I thought then that we are all so lucky to have each other and to learn from each other.  We are all so different and may not agree with everything someone else does, but we are a great group of people and we have lost one of those great people.
We should not take our friendships and our comradery for granted.
Jim you will be missed and I will think of you daily as others that have been lost to us.
Thank you Jim Fowlston.

By Jody L.

All your fellow mule lovers will miss you Jim.