Small talk about the shows

We started out the show season with the first show at Oak Star Ranch. It was a great show and we had a lot of fun. Also learned a lot and had a great time with a wonderful donkey that Jimmy and Joy McCain are letting me show this year. He is a great donkey and we are both learning a lot. 
Next show was Bishop and also had a great time, we had a great turn out of donkeys as we also had a Laura's show. We had them all in the parade and as always donkeys are so loved by everyone.
The Kernville show was great, not as many turned out for the show as last year, but was a great show and had a lot of fun.
I did not go to Tucker's but heard from a lot of contestants that it was a great turn out and had a lot of fun as usual.
Let's keep showing our great animals and keep having fun. I love the comradery that we have at all the shows, the fun and learning from each other. See everyone at Penn Valley and stay safe.

By Jody L