Wild Horse Riding

One day I was riding Jo C at home going around our neighborhood and we have wild horses that hang around and believe me they are always getting in trouble. I was riding down along and I see a wild horse standing in the street and I have to get by so I can get home and I worry a little how Jo C is going to react and I start going by this young wild horse and he starts walking along with us and Jo C just acts like this happens all the time. Then the wild horse realizes he is too far from his herd and he starts to winnie and run to his herd. Well everyone knows Jo C and she is not fast we all know that well she started to run along side this horse and I was laughing the whole time. I learned two things I need a wild horse with me at all my gymkhana classes and animals are just down right cool and adapt to others, which we all could learn from that.

By Jody Lowrey