Guard Donkeys?

A question asked of Amy recently and her response that she gave. I just thought it was interesting enough to think of all the things donkeys and mules do already, that they could be a great companion watchdog of sorts.

Read Amy's Response about guard animals below.

Here are a few scientific articles about donkeys being used as guard animals. This is a common use for donkeys but there are some pro’s and cons. Not all donkeys make good guard animals for livestock such as small ruminants (sheep and goats) and cattle. Some may be over protective of the babies (e.g. lambs, kids and calves) and interfere with the maternal bond, etc. Some males if not castrated can be to aggressive and don’t work well. However, in many cases they are very important part of the agrarian fabric. It’s quite common in Europe, Africa and South America to see donkeys with herders/herdsman guarding livestock as well as serving as a source of transportation or pack animal.

I’ve attached a few journal articles about using donkeys as guard animals. Most of this research was conducted by the University of Nebraska. But the idea of using donkeys as guard animals is ancient to say the least! If you should have any more questions regarding the use of donkeys in this capacity please don’t hesitate to contact me.
— Amy McLean