Mules in Greece: closer look at Hydra

The 4th Annual Mule and Donkey Conference was recently held in Hydra, Greece. The conference included many interesting speakers from 12 countries. Topics focused on the donkey through out history in places such as Ireland, Australia and northern Arabia. Other talks focused on mules being used in Nepal, Morrocco, and Turkey. Then talks from the Greek Animal Foundation were given focused on the basic care and treatment of mules and donkeys on the island. There are currently no cars on Hydra but there's pressure from tourists and some groups to replace the mules and muleteers with motorized vechiles. 

Donkey near the sea port waiting for tourists or goods to pack


A mule and hinny on a pier after unloading luggage on a boat 

The mules and muleteers wait patiently for their next jobs

The mules are adorned in beautiful bridles to attract tourists and business

Typical pack saddle used for packing goods and people 

Mules are very friendly and use to being treated well and even getting bread as a treat from the muleteers

The steets are very narrow that only a mule train could fit down