Mule & Donkey Blood Chemistry & Disease

Hyperlipidemia and Hepatic Lipidosis (Fatty Liver)

By Judy Marteniuk, DVM, 


By Judy Marteniuk, DVM

Vaccination considerations for my donkey

By Judy Marteniuk, DVM


By Judy Marteniuk, DVM

Anesthesia of Donkeys and Mules

By Nora S. Matthews, DVM, Diplomate ACVA & Tex S. Taylor, DVM, Diplomate ACVS

Anaesthesia and Analgesia of the donkey and the mule

         By N. Matthews and J. P. A. M. van Loon

Thyroid Values in Normal Donkeys

By Matthews, Taylor, Barling

Donkey Dermatology

By Stephen D. White,DVM

Diseases that affect mules and donkeys

Determination of Biochemical Values in Mules

          By Dacio de Castro Dias, Talissa Rezende Martins, Carla Bargi Belli

Seroprevalence of Equine Piroplasmosis in Different Regions of the State of Veracruz, Mexico

          By Alva Trujillo Miriam, Estrada-Coates Alejandro Taylor, Romero Salas Dora

Tetanus Treatment and Prevention in Rajkot Community, Pakistan

           By J.I. Gondal, S.M. Ali and S. Jaleel

Coagulation Profiles of Healthy Andalusian Donkeys are Different than Those of Healthy Horses

           By F.J. Mendoza, R.A. Perez-Ecija, L. Monreal, and J.C. Estepa

Mules and HYPP

An Interview with veterinarian, Dr. LariStokes, Columbia, SC By Dr.Amy McLean

Xylazine in Adult Mules

By Sylvia Tatjana Latzel DVM

Donkey Sarcoids

By G. Ayele, G. Feseha, E. Bojia, M. Getachew, F. Alemayehu, M.Tesfaye,

B. Amare, N. Dereje, C. Chala, A. Asefa, G. Anziuno, & A. Trawford

Donkey Foal Blood

By Micaela Sgorbini DVM, PhD, MSa, Francesca Bonelli DVM, Alessandra Rota DVM, PhD, ECAR,
Paolo Baragli DVM, PhD, Veronica Marchetti DVM, PhD, Michele Corazza DVM


By F.A. Burden, N. Du Toit, E. Hazell-Smith, and A.F. Trawford

Donkey Eye Evaluation

By Laus F, Paggi E, Marchegiani A, Cerquetella M, Spaziante D, Faillace V, Tesei B

Comparative analgesic and sedative effects of tramadol

          By Mohamed A Marzok & Sabry A El-khodery

Baseline vital, haematological and serum biochemical parameters of donkeys

           By Umaru Musa Garba1, A. K. B. Sackey, Lawal A. Idris and K.A.N.                    Esievo

Characterization of Fetal Dermal Donkey Cellular Line for Equine Viruses Replication

            By Alejandro Sanchez Monagas, Hermis Rodriguez Sanchez, Daymi Delgado Guerrero

Comparing Hematological and Blood Biochemistry Values in Paso Fino Mules, Hinnies, Donkeys and Horses from Colombia

            By Amy K. McLean, Wei Wang, Miguel Reuda and Mary K. Sheats

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