2013 Maverick

Full Description: 2013 Maverick2 horse slant. Full tack room, rubber mats on floor & sides. Good tires & spare. Rarely used.

Price: $6000

Contact Info: Call Kelly at 760-920-3206.

Roberts Wagon

Full Description: Fits halflinger size pair , or a single draft . This vehicle has brakes, lightweight aluminum extendable poles, new covered seats and dash. Shafts are included.

Price: $2600

Contact Info: Email Lois at pattenkennel@gmail.com


Full Description: Debbie is selling her Meadowbrook horse size cart. It has been under cover in my garage and is in pristine condition.

Contact Info: Email Debbie for more information dswarens@aol.com

1993 Trails West

Full Description: 1993 Trails West GN 2 horse slant with LQ. Sink, stove, refrigerator, hot water heater, toilet, shower, awning.

Price: $7995

Contact Info: Contact Jim Harvey 559 336-3604

Antique Cortland Side Bar Runabout & Show Harness

Full Description: Antique Cortland Side Bar Runabout with matching Fine Deluxe custom show harness made by Danny Smucker. Carriage patented by Cortland and is a perfect ladies in-town style buggy. Completely restored about 2003 and used two season for OR State Fair carriage classes. Very nice ride, backs nice, lots of info about company on line. Very easy to move around. Plate on carriage. Two sets of shafts, one about 90" and one about 97". Full set of covers. Original color. Estimate year of mfg. 1895. Photo shows 15.3 TB mare in harness. Harness is a fine harness pattern beefed up for carriage driving. Lots of patent leather, rolled leather appointments, green beading to match carriage. Buckle in traces. Stunning for appointment classes. Lots more photos available.

Price:  $3200

Contact Info: Beverly Harper at bhr_group@msn.com

Walborn & Riker Antique Pony Carriage

Full Description: Walborn & Riker antique pony carriage. Known as works of art, they were the biggest and probably the best "wagon makers" and sold internationally. Built from 1886 in Paris, Ohio until early 1900's. Each was custom made and only the rich and famous around the world could afford the luxury. Measurements approximate. 30" front wheel, 34" back wheel, 75" total length, 55" wide including hubs. 30" seat width, 66" shaft length from end to single tree. Apppox 82" to end where it hooks to carriage. Height 43" at tallest point. Light weight, rolls easy, shafts snap on. Traces snap on. This is a wow for your favorite small long ear driver. Name plate on. Lots more photos available.

Price:  $1450

Contact Info: Beverly Harper at bhr_group@msn.com

Wilform Show Cart


Full Description: Wilform show cart for equines 15 to 17 hands. Black with red trim in great shape. Matching show harness. Training Cart with draft shafts for training, heavy leather training harness, 3 bits, cover for show cart, show bag for show harness, and 2 aluminum 10 ft shafts for loading a cart onto the top of your trailer.

Price: $1500

Contact Info: Christl at wdnhorse3r@gmail.com

Beautiful White Chariot

Full Description: Just like Ben-Hur, you can have a chariot, too!! 
• Real chariot
• Excellent condition
• Very sturdy
• Beautiful black powder-coated wheels
• Padded inside
Set up for a pair, but could be converted for a single horse, too. It’s ready to go FAST!
Or be creative - you could also use it for a great showstopper on a motorcycle!

Price: $1900

Contact Info: Jay at sleighgal@yahoo.com

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